1195 Lawrence Ave. W.
Toronto, ON M6A 1E2



Our Infant Program accepts 10 children 3 months - 18 months (1 ½) years of age.


Our Infant Program options include:

Full Days
5 full days per week, 7:00am -5:00 pm
3 full days per week, 7:00am -5:00 pm
2 full days per week, 7:00am -5:00 pm

All full day programs include morning & afternoon snack and hot lunch.

Extended care hours are available for full day programs at an additional fee*:
After School Extended Care 5:00-6:00

Infant Curriculum

Our Infant program is designed to create a warm, nurturing and safe environment where an infant is encouraged to learn, grow and explore using all of their senses. The program provides a multi sensory approach with materials and activities scaled to the child’s size and abilities which are fun and educational. Outdoor play provides the infant opportunities to develop gross motor skills, social interaction and fresh air. Circle activities include themes, songs and movement giving the infants an opportunity to develop socialization skills and speaking skills. We also provide a daily report to parents, which highlights the child’s daily activities and covers: fluid and food intake, a record of diaper changes, a record of medication administration (if applicable), special activities etc.