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Allergies / Anaphylaxis


All allergies (severe or mild) must be recorded on the Admission Application form. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the office of any changes in this information in writing so that our records can be updated promptly.


Lunches and snacks provided by Monarch Park Montessori are nut free. This includes snacks for parties and birthday celebrations. All parents are informed of this policy. (see section HEALTHY EATING & NUTRITION)


At MONTESSORI START Inc. our policies include an in depth Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan involving staff and parents for children with anaphylactic allergies.

Parent Responsibilities Related to Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Montessori Start Inc. requires that parents of children with a potentially life-threatening allergy are responsible for adhering to the procedures below as part of the Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan:

  • Upon registration, indicate child’s medical condition on the registration form.
  • Attend a meeting with administrators and staff to review child’s history, symptoms and pertinent information relating to the individual child
  • Parent to provide training to staff, students & volunteers on emergency plan to be followed should their child have an allergic reaction.
  • Complete & sign the form entitled: ANAPHYLAXIS EMERGENCY PLAN
  • The form includes: child’s name, photo, allergy, type of auto-injector and dosage, expiry date of auto-injector, emergency contact information.
  • Provide Montessori Start Inc. staff with medication / EpiPen or Twinject on or before child’s first day of school.
  • Upon giving the EpiPen/Twinject to the Montessori Start Inc. staff member, record it on the EPIPEN TRACKING SHEET (available from office). Each time the Epipen changes hands (ie., goes home for the holidays with parent, or returns to school after a holiday) the form must be signed and dated with the name of the person in possession of the Epipen).
  • Communicate all changes in allergy, medical condition, symptoms etc. in writing to the school. Changes in our records will be made and updated as required.