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Field Trip Policy

At Montessori Start Inc., children enrolled in our Casa program will either embark on a half day field trip off premises (Spring) or have an in-house visitor/performance held at our school. Students registered to attend on the scheduled day of the trip (morning or afternoon) will be invited to attend.

A field trip permission form will be sent home to parents in advance of the trip date. Parents will be responsible for the fees covering the destination cost (ie., entrance fee, ticket cost) as well as bus costs. Field trip fees will vary according to the event but kept at a minimum. Parent volunteers are encouraged but not obligated to accompany the students on all trips.

Students regularly attending on the time of the trip will be invited to attend. The school does not provide alternate care for students who opt not to attend on a field trip.

Children enrolled in our Infant or Toddler program do not participate in field trip outings.